Priority Programme 1500

Future embedded systems will be exposed to non-negligible rates of transient faults. Hence, error correction will be more and more required, even for everyday operation of devices (like DVD/MP3 players or mobile phones). Cost, timing and energy considerations, however, prevent the embedded system developer from correcting every single error.

We propose a software-based approach to a more flexible error handling and correction system. The system will use application knowledge to control error handling according to the current context of program execution and timing constraints. … read more

Artist design

In the scope of Artist Design I have extended the RTEMS operating system to support simulated multi-processor ARM™ systems. In addition I developed a middle-ware library called R²G which enables POSIX like semantics for thread and synchronization management on remote processor cores within the platform. … read more

ACCFS - ACCellerator File System

My former research was in the field of high performance computing. Here, I had developed a file system based abstraction of accelerator hardware for the Linux kernel called ACCFS. With normal POSIX File-I/O it is possible to program i.e. an FPGA or SPE's of the Cell B.E. … read more

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